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Pinwheel Plays is currently accepting submissions of stage plays of all lengths and genres. 

What We Look For
-Plays that tell a compelling story.
-Characters that are unforgettable.
-Diversity. An opportunity to bring the unheard voice to the page and stage.
-Attention to craft and technique - and to grammar.
-Plays that are formatted correctly.

Our Ideal Playwright
-Meets deadlines.
-Returns emails promptly.
-Promotes themselves and their work via social media - and promotes Pinwheel Plays, too.

We Are New Writer Friendly
-You do not need to have an agent to submit your work. You are welcome to submit a script directly to us.
-Although we recommend it, your play does not have to be previously produced.
-We are non-exclusive. While we ask to be your only publisher for the script(s) of yours we publish, you are free to work with other publishers.
-Our editors will work with you one-on-one to get your accepted script into the best shape before it's published.

How to Submit Your Work  
-Submit your work via email to
-Your script should be submitted as an attachment in Word (.docx) or PDF.
-Please include a cover letter to introduce yourself. Please include information about the plays you are submitting, awards you've won, theaters where your work has been produced, your educational background, and/or any additional info you would like for us to know.
-Plays with considerable typos, grammatical errors, and that are not formatted correctly will not be reviewed for publication.
-Playwrights may submit up to three scripts.
-Send us your best work.

If Your Work is Selected
-We will send you a contract to review and sign, detailing the terms of our publishing agreement with you.
-Once we receive your signed contract, we begin designing the cover of your play while one of our editors prepares the final draft of your script.
-We will send you a proof copy of your script to review and approve.
-Your script will be made available to purchase in eBook form via Amazon and Sellfy. In addition, print copies will be available to purchase via our website. Our titles are available for purchase worldwide.
-Your bio, promo photo, and social media links will be listed on our website.
-Playwrights receive a 50% royalty rate from all eBook sales, a 60% royalty rate from all productions of their plays, and a 30% royalty rate from all print copies sold.
-Royalties are paid quarterly via PayPal or check - the playwright chooses their payment method.
-Playwrights are required to submit a signed W-9 with their contract.
-Playwrights are responsible for paying taxes on their royalties.
-We will heavily promote your script (and you) via social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. In addition, our customers receive a quarterly electronic newsletter announcing new releases and featuring interviews with our playwrights.

Questions? Email us at

We look forward to reading your work!


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Cruz Frankie Garcia is the author of the upcoming one-act play I'll Keep Coming, coming soon from Pinwheel Plays!


1.Tell us about your play:I’ll Keep Coming focuses on the struggles of grief. The thoughts and ideas that come to mind after someone very close and near has suddenly committed suicide, and how to live with those thoughts and ideas.

2.Who is your favorite character from your play and why?
Corban. He is a tortured character, and someone very real dealing with an unthinkable situation.

3.What is your favorite scene/moment in the play and why?
The ending has to be my favorite. It’s such a sad, terrible realization, but at the same time it is a beautiful and bittersweet moment. It sums up the tone and feeling of the entire play in one amazing moment.

4.Give us an interesting fun fact about your play:
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1. Tell us about your play:Honor Thy Father is about the Gibbons’ family in the mid eighties, coming to terms with dark secrets and secret recipes let loose by Mrs. Gibbons.

2. Who is your favorite character from your play and why? They are all my favorites. Harper-Anne has such an innocent view of the way the world works it is hard not to lean on her for a favorite in this play.

3. What is your favorite scene/moment in the play and why? My favorite moment in this play is the intimate moment between Harper-Anne and Mrs. Gibbons in the kitchen before Cole brings home his chaos.

4. Give us an interesting fun fact about your play: Besides writing it in the garage, my prompt for this play was originally to write something where the characters say “I love you” and “I hate you.”

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A Quick Trip to Happiness by Leodis Smith

Pinwheel Plays is pleased to announce the publication of the one-act playA Quick Trip to Happiness, written by Leodis Smith.

About the Play: Jesse Malcombson is a young man/woman who deals with constant feelings of not being good enough, feeling like a burden, and wondering if he/she will ever get anywhere. Making it worse is his/her mind, who constantly feeds these thoughts to Jesse at the loudest possible volume. Jesse's only escape is to check in with his/her phone in order to keep him/her from ending it all together. This powerful and thought-provoking play features roles for 3 actors.

Purchase A Quick Trip to Happinesshere.

About the Playwright: Leodis Smith is an actor and playwright. He would like to thank everyone of his friends, teachers, and family members that have encouraged him to push on.