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Get to Know Playwright Leodis Smith

Leodis Smith is the author of the one-act play A Quick Trip to Happiness, now available from Pinwheel Plays. Read an excerpt from the script.

Playwright Leodis Smith

1. Tell us about your play: My play is about a person struggling with questions about their purpose in life. It is a place that some of us go. We have doubt set in about what we should be doing. If we’re doing it the right way. And for others of us, it sometimes means asking if we just make everything worse by existing.

2. Who is your favorite character from your play and why? I like all of them. But I do love the phone in my play. I think I love it because being a millennial, there is this idea that we are always in our phones because we’re vain or selfish. And I have always been under the belief that you don’t quite know where someone is in life. I think there is something to having the most empathetic and emotionally expressive thing be this inanimate object.

3. What is your favorite scene/moment in the play and why? I love the moment where it becomes apparent that Jesse is might try to kill himself. It happens right when the mind mentions actors. And it was this moment I personally had at one point in life right after work. But it’s also always been the moment where people see it and realize, “Oh no. This is actually getting serious.”

A Quick Trip to Happiness

4. Give us an interesting fun fact about your play: The most interesting I can think of is that I have known at least one person that says the lines that the phone says.

5. Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a bit too self serious, for starters. But I can take jokes if they’re funny enough. I spend a lot of life in headphones. I like really biting comedy. George Carlin and Chris Rock type comedy. I’m an extrovert. It doesn’t always seem like it but if you give me the right topic, you realize how much I can talk.

6. What’s next? What can we expect from you in the future? I’m working on a few things. A musical that’s in rough draft form. I’m reading a lot of books and getting a lot of advice. Because everyone needs advice. Another play I’m in the editing stage with. You can expect me to mostly be on the satirical end of any subject with sharp teeth. I like to bite.

7. What play are you reading now? I was recently reading “The Mountain Top” by Katori Hall.

8. Do you see writing as a career? I would hope so. But it is also this really fun thing for me. I write. I show it to people. I make changes. I present it. It’s this constant journey I always get to go on.

9. What is the hardest part of your writing process? Starting. Because ideas come to me. But it may take a long time for them to make sense. Or they come to me and make sense right away.

Playwright Neil LaBute
10. What playwright has inspired you the most? I love Neil LaBute. Reasons to Be Pretty was one of the big ones I saw in high school. And he has never been afraid to hit. Even when it causes him controversy. I think that in particular is an important trait to have in a world that is always trying to make sure you shut up and be complacent.


Sing or Dance? 
Both but Singing

Chocolate or Vanilla? 

Mashed Potatoes or French Fries? 
Fries for the win.

Comedy or Drama? 

Go Out or Stay In? 
Both but going out is nice.

Fantasy or Reality? 

Call or Text? 
Both. Calls for emergency and text for “Eh. I can do it later, but just so you know…”

Summer or Winter? 
Winter for the fashion.

Coffee or Tea?

eBook or Paperback? 


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A Quick Trip to Happiness by Leodis Smith

Pinwheel Plays is pleased to announce the publication of the one-act playA Quick Trip to Happiness, written by Leodis Smith.

About the Play: Jesse Malcombson is a young man/woman who deals with constant feelings of not being good enough, feeling like a burden, and wondering if he/she will ever get anywhere. Making it worse is his/her mind, who constantly feeds these thoughts to Jesse at the loudest possible volume. Jesse's only escape is to check in with his/her phone in order to keep him/her from ending it all together. This powerful and thought-provoking play features roles for 3 actors.

Purchase A Quick Trip to Happinesshere.

About the Playwright: Leodis Smith is an actor and playwright. He would like to thank everyone of his friends, teachers, and family members that have encouraged him to push on.